Emotional Intelligence

Stormtrumpers emote, they don’t think. Consequently, the following emotional connections are made. They know they don’t like outsiders, and they know they have to keep them out or they aren’t outsiders anymore.

Telling them that keeping them out permanently will stop these outsiders from being raped AND it will stop them from the further degradation of utilizing birth control, he’s telling them that what they want to do is the right thing to do. He’s reaffirming what they believe.

They won’t think, no matter how much you tell them to think. To reason. To contemplate.

Scary outsiders must be kept out! Not become same as brown people I must treat as equal! I will never be safe that way!

…You may well think I’m joking, but sadly I’m not. This is what is meant when experts talk about appealing to their emotions. Emotional intelligence. What is said never rises to the level of thought. Not when they are in groups of thousands. It’s only later, when they try to explain the argument as they heard it that they realize how dumb the argument sounds.

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