The Best Illustration of What Freedom of Speech Means Today

I’ve seen this Youtube video pop up in my Twitter feed a few times today. Stonekettle Station posted it to his Facebook page with the comment This damned near killed me.”

Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song – Jul 14, 2017

What nearly kills me are the trolls convinced that Alex Jones has somehow been silenced. That kills me. He’s not banned. He’s not silenced. You can go to his website and download anything you want. Watch anything you want. If he wants his content to be offered on a platform, he has to conform to the platform’s rules. Don’t like it? Tough. There will always be rules like that. Who are the snowflakes now? That is the question I want answered.

(Twitter has banned Alex Jones, August 14th, 2018. His website is still up though. -ed.)

As for being kicked off the various platforms that he’s been kicked off of? It couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate person. Remind me to send him a nice fruit basket full of dildos. When Twitter actually gets the balls to ban the Orange Hate-Monkey for his violations of their rules, I’ll send him the same tasteful arrangement of dildos.

By the way, do not Google that phrase. You have been warned!


Alex Jones or the OHM, that used rubber of an excuse for a human being, should be flushed down the toilet like his compatriots. Just joking, don’t flush your used rubbers down the toilet. Plugs up the drains. Do try and give Alex Jones a free swirly for me, though. Seriously, I hate that guy. I’ve hated him longer than most of you have known about him, because he started out on Austin public access TV. Yes, I’ve already apologized for that.

These events do point out the difference between what we think of as freedom of speech today, and what freedom of speech really is. Alex Jones has not been censored. His freedom of speech has not been curtailed in any real way. His voice is still magnified beyond the range of any other narcissistic conman except for one, and that one is going to be censored eventually. The Orange Hate-Monkey will be censored, because that will be part of the act of government that ends his freedom. After his conviction. During his sentencing. Banning him from speaking will almost certainly be part of his punishment, and a justified punishment in every sense of the phrase.


This article was assembled from multiple comments across several social media platforms. This was the other one of note. Alex Jones’ rising popularity here in Austin spelled the end of my time as a libertarian. If you have the freedom to defraud, as he has done over the course of his career, then I have no use for personal freedom the way that libertarians, Alex Jones’ fans, envision it.

Alex Jones was sued by the parents that he slandered and they were awarded staggering sums of money when they won their lawsuits. Like the fraudster that he is, he squirreled the millions of dollars that he was given by his adoring fans away in secret bank accounts all over the world, apparently. The tax shelters that fraudsters utilize need to be targeted and destroyed along with the fraudsters themselves. He will spend the rest of his life playing cat and mouse with the accountants that the parent’s attorneys will hire to track down all his money. He should be thankful because it could have been much worse.

There is no freedom to lie without consequences. Alex Jones lied to make money off the corpses of those dead children at Sandy Hook (Death Cult) He lied because that’s what his crazy-assed fans wanted to hear. He did it again and again even after the lie he was telling was no longer defensible and he would still be lying about it now if the parents had not taken him to court.

He violated the law. That is what the judgement proves. He violated the law and the rights of those parents and their children; and, If the parents had been as crazy as his fans and had killed him for his slanders, they would have most likely been exonerated due to the overwhelming stresses that they were subjected to by Alex Jones fans. Subjected to death threats while mourning their dead children. That is the magnitude of his crimes. He should be thankful to be still breathing after what he has done.

There is no defense for Alex Jones’ behavior, which is why he never bothered to mount a serious defense in the first place. There is no freedom to defraud, even though fraudsters use free speech as their cover of choice over and over again. Stop defending these fraudsters. It’s a waste of your time to even try.

His speech consequences come with 12 zeroes behind them. Be thankful, Alex.

Author: RAnthony

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