The Tragedy on Our Southern Border

The language is clear: Congress was not only not allowed to regulate immigration prior to 1808, it was not even allowed to amend the Constitution to strike that prohibition until 1808. After 1808, it could have proposed an amendment to allow it to regulate immigration, but until and unless it proposes such an amendment (it never has) and until and unless such an amendment is ratified (which has never happened), the Constitution deems immigration a state issue. 

All federal immigrations are unconstitutional, and therefore void. There is no such thing as an illegal immigrant in federal law. Period. End of story. 

T.L Knapp

Apropos now that the Orange Hate-Monkey has called for troops to be stationed along the US-Mexico border. The image is of backpacks collected from the Mexican desert, from asylum seekers and migrants who probably didn’t survive the trip.

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On one of the three instances of this cross-posted article of timely importance, some stormtrumper or other posted some hateful racist epithets for mexicans who cross our Southern border. The comment has been deleted. I reported it but did not delete it, for once, because I intended to track down the stormtrumper’s profile later so that I could report everything on his wall that I felt was violent or harassment of minorities before blocking his sorry ass.

What is lost on these ignorant people who don’t understand just how thouroughly they’ve been reamed by the Orange Hate-Monkey and the now dangerously authoritarian GOP, asylum seekers are guaranteed a right to present themselves to authorities from another country and request that they be protected from people who mean them harm in their own country. This is a standard part of international law, and the fact that we force these people to fruitlessly walk across the Mexican desert before they can find a border crossing that will allow them to plead for asylum borders on criminal behavior on the part of the United States.

We are the wealthiest nation on the face of the Earth. Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume 24% of the world’s energy. We can afford to take in as many refugees as can make it to our border. It simply falls to us to make the wealthy who run this country pay for the maintenance of this country’s infrastructure as they should have been doing for the last 40 years. They’ve shirked their duty to America for too long now. It is time to hold their feet to the fire and make them understand just how serious we are that poverty will end. That refugees deserve the chance to thrive away from the threats that imperile them in their own countries. That everyone who lives in this country has the exact same right to basic survival as the wealthiest person among us does, because all of us were born into the same wealthy system that delivers more wealth to the few than can ever be earned by the many no matter how hard or long they work.

The dead on our doorsteps are a stain on our nation’s soul. If we are the heartless bastards that these dead reveal us to be, we do not deserve to have the wealth we currently enjoy. And if I know one thing it is this, wealth will not long last for despots and dictators. They die painful deaths at the hands of the people they have tormented. Look to history if you don’t believe me. The Orange Hate-Monkey is no different. If we allow him to do the things he plans to do, we will deserve the same fate that will be visited on him.


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