It’s all about Power

This video expands on one of the points I’ve tried to make several times. The point being that the carnival and pageantry that most people obsess over is designed to distract from the real issues at play.

Robert Reich on Facebook: It’s all about Power — Who Has It and Who Doesn’t

…and if you allow yourself to be distracted, you will allow the status quo to continue. Which is why I’ve been saying Hillary Clinton for President? for awhile now. She may be status quo, but she might also not be status quo. There is no way to know until we elect her to office.

This may be one of the last things I share from Robert Reich for awhile. I really do value his insight, but he has climbed too far onto the Bernie bandwagon for my comfort. I wonder what it is he knows about the Clintons that he isn’t telling? He was their Secretary of Labor after all. Still, you need a party to back you in the current political sphere and Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a party.

I love Bernie Sanders. He is just one man.

It will take a majority of the US population becoming involved in politics to fix America’s problems. Bernie Sanders has made the same kinds of claims that Trump has. Namely, that he’s the only one who can fix the problem. He can’t fix America’s problems because he’s just one man.

Facebook status expanded and backdated to the blog.

All parties are rigged to provide advantage to the members of the party (which Hillary is and Bernie is not) That is why parties are the problem, and also why ‘third’ parties are no solution. The only solution is an amendment to the constitution that strips person from corporations and removes money from the category of protected speech. What those actions will end up producing in toto no one knows, but we are left with few options aside from the amendment since all congressional rules end up being modified by the next congress.

Facebook status backdated to the blog. An example of the Bernie promotion I was talking about.


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