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While declaring victory in the Nevada caucuses last night, Hillary said she wasn’t interested in a “one-issue campaign.” The remark was meant as a criticism of Bernie, but I think it misses the mark. If making our economy and democracy work for the many, rather than for a few at the top, is “one issue,” then this one issue is a necessary precondition for achieving anything else worth achieving.

What do you think?

Robert Reich on Facebook – February 21, 2016

I and hopefully most of the voters who turn out in November understand that the chief executive of the United States has a bigger role to play than the minutiae of holding the legislature’s hand through the job they should understand they were elected to do.

This is why Bernie’s message is important, but not the job the President should focus on. Most of what he wants to do has to start in the legislature and we’d all be better off if he is there helping to lead the charge of a legislature which has been cleaned of the deadwood preventing his kind of change.

The president has to be our advocate not just to the rest of our government, but to the other governments we have to co-exist with. A job that Hillary is better prepared for. A job that no other candidate running is as well prepared for.

Give examples of her vaunted experience.

Whatever she did in the state department, and I don’t feel like enumerating the points (#Benghazi) is more experience than any other candidate running. Bernie has no interest in the subject of statecraft or of foreign relations, which is the biggest indictment of him as a candidate for the presidency. He is consumed with legislative ideas. Great. He should go back to the legislature and get on that.

He’s going to be shellacked by the Republican nominee on the subject of socialism alone. When socialists are the only group less popular than atheists, you can guarantee that socialism will figure highly in every attack ad that they will aim at his candidacy. I know my fellow Americans. Call it faith.

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February 21, 2019. The latest stunts pulled by the Orange Hate-Monkey proves my point about how Bernie would have been treated. The difference now is, this is four years later and we’ve seen what capitalism is under the tender mercies of the current crop of Republicans.

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