Speech. Choice.


What I think is “that is why I will support a centrist nominee from the Democratic party so that a victory in the general election can be assured. Thereby securing the SCOTUS against further conservative dilution of the guarantees we American’s hold dear.” Speech. Choice. Opportunity. Ability. Mobility. Much more specific than the toss-off word “Freedom” that you hear so often but means so little when examined. Freedom is all those things and more, but without those things freedom is meaningless.



We probably should have taken the move to limit democratic involvement in government more seriously in past years. That is what the 2016 election proved to me. Like the 2000 election, 2016 was just another signpost on the road towards dictatorship from an imperial presidency, the vision of American Republicans. The Trumpists of 2022. They will impose a white dictatorship on the United States in 2024. I wonder if we will let them get away with that?

Author: RAnthony

I'm a freethinking, unapologetic liberal. I'm a former CAD guru with an architectural fetish. I'm a happily married father. I'm also a disabled Meniere's sufferer.

Attacks on arguments offered are appreciated and awaited. Attacks on the author will be deleted.

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