Feel The Bern

I really, really hate that the news is reported this way.


Iowa is irrelevant. New Hampshire is Irrelevant. A President leads a nation, and the nation isn’t favoring Bernie.

PPP’s newest national poll finds that Hillary Clinton generally holds modest leads over the Republican field for President, with Ben Carson faring the strongest among the GOP hopefuls.


I like him, I like his politics, but he isn’t going to win and the insistence on news organizations treating this like a sports event, a horse race, does a disservice to the American people. The whole way that our elections are run is wrong. Serious changes need to be enacted that open up ballots and primaries and remove party ability to gerrymander. None of the greater good is served by this politics as usual reporting.I’ve come to expect better of you, Chris.

The fix is in, and we’re going to get Clinton whether we want her or not?

No, what I’m saying is that the national poll figures are pretty much the same as they have always been. That Bernie Sanders (and Donald Trump) will not go the distance, because they do not have the broad-based support. Bernie has a very solid backing in New England. What he’s selling will never go over in the old South or the SouthWest, much as I wish the majority of them thought as we do. They simply don’t.Clinton is a centrist, that is why she remains popular nationally. This horse race mentality is a stage show. The fix is in the fact that the national media knows that the national poll figures remain unchanged but never mention them.

Who the Republicans pick is almost irrelevant, because they will likely pick a character that cannot get backing in the NorthEast. The only centrists they could pick will not sell to their base (Kasich and a few others) consequently Clinton will make short work of whoever they do pick.It’s not a horse race. It is far, far more important than that.


Editor’s Note. James Comey gave Donald Trump the presidency. James Comey didn’t come out and tell everyone about the investigation into Donald Trump that the FBI was running at exactly the same time that they were investigating Hillary Clinton. Investigations into Donald Trump that were far worse for the country, in the big picture.

Why he allowed Donald Trump to continue to stay in the race when the justice department could have picked that clown up at any time for crimes that he had simply never been charged and prosecuted for previously remains the unanswered question that 180,000 (and counting) dead Americans would like answered.

Bernie Sanders also failed to win the nomination for the 2020 presidential race. America is still not feeling the Bern even though they, like me, are coming to accept his policies as the correct ones to move towards. America wants to go back to those halcyon Obama years now and so they picked Barack Obama’s Vice President to run against Donald Trump. The 180,000 (and counting) dead Americans hope we get this election right so that their murderer can be brought to justice and not be allowed to destroy what is left of this once great nation.

Author: RAnthony

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