Beware the Woo: Karma

Karma is about feeling comfortable, rather than acknowledging the cold hard truth: he got away with it. Sometimes, people get what they deserve, sometimes they don’t. If we value truth over superstition, only then can we learn more about how to actually avoid these problems in the future. As long as we have perspective by which is determined by probability, there is no reason to think that karma actually exist.

Josh Bocanegra
Why Coincidences Are Meaningless – Richard Dawkins (YouTubeDailymotion)

Probability is the best avenue of attack against the concept of Karma, but the fact that bad happens to good people demonstrably defeats the notion of Karma.

Supernatural? Try zero-time quantum tunneling, for example. heh.

Earl Cooley III

Comments from Facebook on this image I shared. I miss Earl.

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