Doing Something the Same Way, Still Unhappy With the Results

This screenshot was shared specifically to point out the fact that if we return a majority of Republicans to the House and hand the Senate to Republicans in these midterm elections, we are rewarding the people that made the current health crisis possible; rewarding the people that want the US to be less prepared than we are, even now. I say they want the US to be less prepared, because they want to cut services even more than they already have been cut.

Vote Democratic. It’s the only sensible answer.

Facebook status backdated to the blog. As it turns out, Professor Reich was correct in being concerned about the lack of understanding as to who was to blame for the US’s healthcare predicament. It seems we only know how to blame a president for the failures of government, because we keep returning the people who have screwed the system up so badly to the offices that they’ve already shown they can’t execute properly. 

Author: RAnthony

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