The Hobbit is Seventy-Five

Published on September 21st, 1937, The Hobbit was born into critical acclaim. It was nominated for a Carnegie Medal, and won a prize for best juvenile fiction from the New York Herald Tribune. Here’s the dust cover for that first edition, apparently based on a design by Tolkien himself.


I’ve loved everything J.R.R. Tolkien has written that I’ve read so far. The movies, on the other hand… The movies have been definitively a mixed bag. I need to write reviews for all of them one of these days.

The middle movie of the trilogy that Jackson made for The Hobbit, just like his version of The Two Towers, has been the weakest. I’m hoping the trilogy wraps up well. One of these days I’d love to re-edit the films to take out all the Jackson excesses. Too bad I’ll never be able to show them to anyone. Officially.


Editor’s note. I still have yet to see the third in the trilogy of movies made for The Hobbit. I may or may not ever take the time to watch it. I did finally write the only review I probably ever will write for the movies that Peter Jackson made.

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