Breath is Life

Apparently it’s in the book. Explain this away, Pope. Yes, I know. They get around it by stating the breath of God is the soul rather than actual life. The infallibility of the Bible as the word of God is only observed as long as what’s said agrees with dogma. (Thank you Liz)

Even Roe v. Wade allowed states to outlaw abortions in the 3rd trimester, which is before there was life because it is before there is breath. Breath that makes a person a person. Breath that makes the brain work. This makes Roe v. Wade a conservative decision, but you won’t find conservatives acknowledging this fact.

Breath is air, not the magical breath of god. Bronze-aged man knew this concrete reality not that mystical mumbo-jumbo that was cooked up later. This is probably the same passage that leads the Jewish faith to the belief that life begins at birth.

There is a scientific basis for determining when life ends, and therefore there is a scientific basis for determining when life begins. Objectively determinable points at which someone is not a person any longer because essential bodily functions have ceased. There can’t be life without breath, and there can’t be life without brain function. Either of those come after birth. Science just happens to agree with some peoples faith.

The SCOTUS was being as generous to the state as it could; and it still couldn’t justify legal interference before the third trimester. The arguments that could be presented this time based on science would not increase the time that abortion would be illegal. Evidence would show that any interference in the woman’s decisions made along with her doctor would be unwarranted.

These people aren’t pro-life like they want to pretend. There is no life in the womb to protect. Softening of the language in this way gives the anti-abortionists wiggle room because they are the ones that want to get into other peoples business. They insist that we call it pro-choice and pro-life. They want to pretend that we can go along to get along while they shoot abortion doctors in the street and block access to abortion clinics. Fuck ’em.

George Carlin – Shell Shock

It is abortion rights that are at stake here; but not just abortion rights. Rights to contraception, rights to medical treatments of all kinds that fall under the aegis of their bullshit pro-life/anti-woman beliefs. Favoring abortion rights means it’s none of my business. That is all that phrase means. Resist the softening of language. Embrace the truth.



Turns out that I probably have PTSD from the treatment I received as a child in school. That is how non-specific PTSD is as a diagnosis. I went on to use the crux of the breath argument in:

I wrote several articles on the subject of Roe being a conservative decision, a conclusion I came to at about the time I ran across this image. I’d always thought that Roe v. Wade was a moderate decision up to this point. Moderation is conservative, yet another fact that seems to have been lost in the shuffle. The Roe article.

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