Irish Athiests; More Common than Leprechauns

Michael Nugent is making the rounds here in the US, apparently. He is chair of Atheist Ireland and while on this week’s FreethoughtRadio he made the comment;

There is more likely to be leprechauns than a god

Spoken like a true Irishman.

Earlier in the podcast he had cited figures for a religion poll that set the Irish population at 47 percent religious, 43 percent non-religious; 10 percent convinced atheists, and that the Catholic church is now having to import priests for Ireland instead of exporting priests from Ireland.

He also touched on the problem of blasphemy laws in Ireland and the work they are doing there politically as well as charties they are promoting world-wide. All in all the best podcast from FFRF I’ve head in awhile.

Author: RAnthony

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