For the Last Time; Bob Barr for President

Bill Quick over at the Daily Pundit endorsed Bob Barr the other day.

I just dropped my absentee ballot in the mail box. After waffling around, first saying I wouldn’t vote for John McCain, then saying I would, I ended up voting for Bob Barr. Not because I think he has any chance of winning, or even because I think he’d be a great president – although he would certainly be a much better one than either of the two major candidates.
I voted for him because it was the only way I could think of to get my libertarian/conservative preference on the official record, in hopes that the GOP might see what it had thrown away with its nomination of McCain, and its general move away from conservative and libertarian principles.
I guess I ended up being convinced by my own arguments.

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I briefly came up for air from a 7 hour stint on my diversion of choice these days, and decided to visit some of my old haunts (like digg and blogger) for a brief reminder as to why I have need of some diversion. I noticed a shout on digg from Bob Barr to the article above, and while reading through the comments on the site, I ran across one (buried to the level of -9) which offered up the same old “thanks for voting for Obama” argument in response.

Here’s a little counter spin for you.

As a Texas resident living in Austin, I am surrounded by Yellow Dogs who voted for Kerry 4 years ago, and are dutifully touting their Obama stickers

[which have mercifully replaced the Kerry stickers. Leave the advertisement for an ‘also ran’ on your bumper for 4 years; what does that mean? I can’t tell the real Democrats from the fake ones?]

trumpeting their intention to vote for the guy with the best teeth and hair (like all Americans do) the man who will be the future president of the United States; as almost anyone who pays attention to politics could have told you the minute that Barak Obama became the clear Democrat favorite (until then, the next President of the US was going to be a woman) because the Republicans never stood a chance this time around; and stand even less of a chance now that the markets have tanked.

But none of this even touches on the fact that Texas will go for McCain. The Republicans could leave the top of the ticket blank and claim that we’d be better off without a President, and Texas would still go to the Republicans, because “nobody is better than anybody the Democrats would nominate”.

So, for all you Yellow Dog Democrats out there, wasting your vote for Obama in Texas; I just want to know, why? If you agree with Mr. Better Teeth and Hair then good for you, you did you research and know what you are getting into (you’re wrong, but…) But if you are voting for Obama because at least he’s not McCain, what planet are you living on?

The ultimate wasted vote is a vote for the lessor of two evils; especially when the majority of the voting population disagrees with you. To use the old adage; if two wolves and a sheep are voting on what’s for dinner, and you’re the sheep, why are you wasting your time voting? If it’s a life or death issue, better to be a well armed sheep when the wolves come knocking looking for dinner.

Politics has become quite blasé for me. I never was much interested in saying “I told you so”, and I’ve found myself repeating that phrase more and more often since 9/11. I got into politics because I wanted to see a positive change in the system; and in 15 years of activity, I’ve seen things go from bad to worse to imminent destruction. I no longer care about petty little things like who the next President will be. He’s going to screw things up at least as much as the last guy did; both candidates are blissfully oblivious to real problems, while attacking each other over meaningless twaddle. Obama chooses a dedicated socialist as his running mate, and McCain nominates a woman who is so backwards in her thinking I shudder to wonder what her presidency will be like after McCain kicks it

[my money is on him not even surviving to be sworn in, myself; in the almost incomprehensible reversal of fortune that would inspire Americans to vote for the ugly puppet]

But in either case; the baggage is so onerous, and the understanding of the real world around us is so absent, that I have no doubt that whichever screwup is elected, he’ll make the most mess possible before the downfall of the dollar brings his reign to it’s ultimate end.

So, excuse me, but I’m not wasting my time worrying about which lessor evil to vote for. I’m going to go out and pull the lever next to the ‘L’, again. Bob Barr at least talks about issues, and has the nomination of the only party dedicated to smaller government. The rest of it is just so much noise.

The reorganization of my priority list continues apace. Time to return to my W0W session.

This was my last post as a member of the Libertarian party. I find this odd, looking back. I remember there being a finality in my having to hold my nose and vote for Bob Barr. Hold my nose and vote for the presidential candidate for my party of conscience. I remember thinking “does this make sense? I thought the other guys were evil and we weren’t?”

Looking back eight years I wonder how I couldn’t see it. The libertarians in Texas and through most of the US are closer to conservatives than they are to liberals. Economics is to blame for this; economics and the influence of the Midwestern work ethic. Not even they can see it from inside. It is only from outside, from the vantage point of more accumulated knowledge on the subject of money and social systems that I can say that the mantra of small government forces them into proximity with conservatives who have adopted the same talking points.

As if government in the US isn’t already small.  We just pay too much for it, considering how much it doesn’t get done. 

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  1. In spite of what your long list of credentials might suggest, if you seriously believe that anyone who wants the government to ban abortion can be considered a libertarian, then you aren’t much of a libertarian yourself.

    In fact, as a favor to me, I’d like to suggest you stop using the word. Just don’t do it, it’ll be better for everyone concerned.

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