LLB & the Guero in the Barrio

I went out and picked up LLB’s Forgiven a few days ago. I had to go to Wal-Mart because my brother (I’ve mentioned him before) clued me in to a surprise on the album. But it’s only on the album available at Walmart.

Track 14. Plain as day to me. My brother’s voice on a major release album. I’ve heard him singing before. His band Hazytrane had their own album but you couldn’t buy it at Walmart. You don’t believe that’s my brother singing? Check out the (live) video on Yahoo! Music. Here is the studio track:

Los Lonely Boys- Guero in the Barrio – Jan 4, 2009

Yeah, that’s him singing. Every day I find additional evidence that the universe is indeed weirder than we can imagine. Congratulations, my brother.

The album? It’s better than their initial release. I heard the songs on the first album before they were prettied up for the general public (connections have their perks) and I preferred the sound (Hurt, my favorite of the pre-release songs, has never been released) This album has that same playful edge that you get at a live LLB concert, that was present in the pre-release songs from the first album. Just three guys (and apparently my brother) jamming in a garage somewhere. Pick it up if you get the chance.

Editor’s note

Yahoo music lost the song at some point. There is a live video linked of him singing on stage. I prefer the live version to the studio version. The energy of the crowd comes across in the live recordings. The live video author will not let the video be embedded, so I have to settle for a link.

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