HillaryCare II: Just as bad as HillaryCare I

While I consider Hillary’s Connect America plan more sinister than HillaryCare II, the prospect of the federal gov’t taking over healthcare isn’t any less of a threat. Take this as an example:

The centerpiece of HillaryCare II is an individual mandate, which is a fancy way of saying she would force everyone to purchase health insurance or face penalties. But where the government mandates that you buy insurance, the government defines what “insurance” is. That means the government will be designing your health coverage, with the help of legions of special interests with more political influence than you have.

CATO – HillaryCare II: Just as bad as HillaryCare I

I’m on record as being glad I’m not personally paying for full coverage health insurance; further, I think anyone who willing shells out between three and six hundred dollars a month just on the off chance that someone in the family will get sick, probably needs to see a shrink. On their own money, if necessary.

Consequently, the prospect of Hillary having agents of government show up on my doorstep in order to force me to pay for her version of what she defines as insurance doesn’t inspire me to do more than contemplate taking up life as a hermit. (the wife won’t go for the cave dwelling, though)

Even worse, there isn’t a candidate with a proposal on the table that I actually would consider a positive move, other than Ron Paul.

No, the health care crisis has been a crisis for so long that free market solutions are starting to spring up. (as was noted elsewhere)

Thanks to the horrors of dealing with insurance companies, many doctors are establishing cash-only practices with lower prices, and they are advertising these prices to attract customers!

Still other companies are being created to provide a wide range of basic medical services at lower pre-published prices with shorter waiting times. They are doing this inside shopping malls!

DownsizeDC – Rob your insurance company

All that needs to occur now is for the Federal government to wash their hands of the entire healthcare problem (including regulating the insurance industry, and giving tax credits to employers only) and the rest will work itself out.


I love the fact that this is almost completely cribbed from other sources, including the title. I deleted this from the Blogspot archive and it is the second article I’ve found missing today through dead links to my own blog. I never should have deleted it in the first place if I’ve linked back to it, even if the artilce pisses me off now.

I hate it when I just do what other people tell me to do, like spreading the word as directed by Perry Willis in the DownsizeDC article most of this comes from. I have restored this article from the Wayback Machine as my penance for deleting it in the first place. Own your own misogyny even if someone else told you to hate the woman.

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