Who Killed the Electric Car?

Got into yet another discussion about alternative energy the other day, specifically concerning the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? (which I haven’t seen, but wouldn’t avoid seeing if I had the chance)


It wandered off that subject and onto the subject of Stan Meyer and water power. The discussion jogged some of the old gray matter and I remembered a video I was sent a few months back demonstrating this guys technology (Aquygen™ Gas: Hybrid Hydrogen Car) so I decided to dig and see if they were the same person. They aren’t, but the tech seems similar.

I don’t know how real any of this is, but there is some good reading (for those who are interested) here: Stan Meyer’s Dune Buggy and here: Run a Car On Water For those interested in getting down to the brass tacks of the subject, go here: The Water fuel cell (wikipedia)

The video that was linked concerning Stan Meyer’s invention is more than 10 years old; which begs the question why we haven’t seen any further developments in the technology, if it is for real. I’ll leave it to the conspiracy theorists to come up with the answers to that one.


All links in this article have been redirected to the Wayback Machine. There were active malware hijacks on at least one of them. As I was just relating speculation offered by a correspondent at the time, I gave the subject little real thought while jotting all this down for the blog. In hindsight I should have done a little more critical thinking myself. What Stan Meyer was proposing back in 1995 was a perpetual motion machine.

As such, he really didn’t have a leg to stand on. I did a disservice in just passing the information on at the time. I’ve learned better since then.

Stan Meyer was sued for fraud and lost his case because he could not demonstrate the efficacy of his claims. It is as simple as that. Reading the technical description of the device should be a huge red flag to anyone paying attention. None of it makes sense and falls apart as soon as you do any real digging on the subject. He was a conman. It’s as simple as that.

I still haven’t seen Who Killed the Electric Car. I may have to try getting a copy from the library because I’m not going to be paying to see it now.

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