Star Trek is 40

I didn’t start watching Star Trek until it was in it’s third season, though. I remember being upset and telling my mom (I was 5 or 6 at the time) that my favorite show wasn’t on TV anymore. I turned on the set, changed the channel (we had two, being out in the boonies of Western Kansas at the time) and something else was on in it’s timeslot. She asked me which show it was, could I describe it?

“One of them has pointy ears and they fly around in a spaceship.”

I”m pretty sure she thought I was story-ing or hallucinating (she never watched TV with us) but I remember being quite devastated that I couldn’t watch the show anymore.

[As an aside, the animated series is out on DVD now. I remember those quite fondly from my Saturday morning cartoon childhood. I’m almost afraid to watch them now…]

It wasn’t until I met the wife, more than 20 years later, that I found out there were Trek fans all over the place, and that they were in part responsible for the Resurrection of Star Trek as a movie and then a series. To them and to Gene Roddenberry, I will be eternally grateful.

While the franchise owned by Paramount seems to have taken a turn for the worse of late (not to mention what the makeover will do to it) I still consider myself a trekkie. Here’s hoping the next movie salvages something instead of destroying what’s left of Star Trek.

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