Smaller Government, Anyone?

I get so tired of Republicans and Conservatives talking about how they’re for smaller government, and then when you start talking about actually making government smaller they marginalize you. Like this person:

While I did like many of the positions of the Libertarian Pres candidate (although not enough to vote for him) most of the local & state candidates were either unknown to me (in many cases the only time you hear of a Libertarian candidate is when you read the ballot in the booth) or they’re so far out in left field in their positions for me to vote for them.

I corrected the misstatement concerning left field Libertarian candidates, which lead to the statement “Perhaps I should have said bizarre and strange.”

Did he mean bizarre as in the Republican drive to make women into chattel property? What you are when you don’t have a right to your own body, the outcome of reversing Roe; or did he mean strange, as in the Democrats desire to make the healthcare system a government agency so that we can have the same quality of service that New Orleans is getting from FEMA?

The questions didn’t seem to please this person much. In fact, I think I got his/her goat:

As in completely abolishing county payroll – including the sheriffs dept!
As in doing away with all building codes, health codes, traffic laws, well that was where a bug flew in my mouth and broke the spell…
Seriously this guy that was running for County Commissioner was spellbinding in his zeal and fervor and that he was actually serious. This was probably 6 years ago.
Even though I tend to vote for R’s more than D’s I don’t approve of either of the examples or your distorted view of them.
While I believe that abortion is murder; I also believe in God who created man & woman and whose first gift to us was free choice. Since we have free choice it seems illogical to say I know better than God and to take that gift away from someone.

Now, abolishing the county payroll would be a rather extreme first step, but at least that would be a reduction in government. I’ll give him points for being consistent. However every LP candidate who attempts incrementalism in the proposals to reduce the size of government is vilified by the hard core members of the LP for not being real libertarians. What you get as a result is a candidate like him, and a reaction like the above.

As for the second point, there isn’t any reason why those codes cannot be handled by the private sector. Traffic laws would be enforced by the highway owners, building codes by the design professionals in the area. Health codes are the stupidest of all. It’s in the food services interest to visibly comply with common sense health rules. A prime example of a service that could be provided on a pay basis, taking another burden off of the taxpayer.

As someone who votes for R’s, I expected sympathy for ideas that reduced the size of government not ridicule. I’m sure the LP candidate in question was serious. I’m equally serious; something has to give, and the average tax payer is tired of giving. It’s the government’s turn to give.

As for the view that I presented, it wasn’t a viewpoint. What I did was present a logical extrapolation of a stated goal for each of the two major parties. That most people don’t recognize the obvious flaws in their favorite political parties stated good intentioned goals is why we are on the road to hell right now.

This also is not a viewpoint: abortion isn’t murder, because there is no human life without brain activity. Those are just the facts. That many people disagree and say that they know or believe otherwise is just an example of them simply denying the known facts in a given situation.

If you believe in free choice, then you are definitely wasting your vote pulling a lever with an R or a D next to it. There won’t be any choices left to make if things aren’t changed (and that’s even if the Democrat’s return to leadership) There will soon be only that behavior which is compelled by law, and that behavior which is forbidden by law. There will be nothing in between; except perhaps, behavior they are still drafting legislation to control.


Libertarianism is not the answer. It isn’t the answer because what we need in the United States today is less party control not more parties vying for control. What we need isn’t smaller government but smarter government. How do we get smarter government? We have to be better people.

Rev. 02/06/2022

Author: RAnthony

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