Don’t Vendor That Trash?

There are grey items needed to buy pets now:

Here is a list of the pets and the trash items needed to buy each:

I cribbed the list from Wowhead comments here and here. Go by and upvote Sjavn and/or Hyrcyne if you found this information useful.

I would say that you can buy pets and other items with grey drops now because Blizzard is tired of people vendoring the grey (formally just trash) items. They think it is fun to mix things up a bit, haven’t you noticed? Change the colors to avoid in raids, put mobs on the roads after telling the newbs to stick to the roads, make trash useful and then have players kick themselves for auto-vendoring stuff that they pick up specifically just to vendor for it’s gold value instead of hand-sorting every single piece of trash they pick up in the game.

That number has to be in the millions of items for the average player that loots trash. I know there are a good number of players that don’t loot trash, or even all the dropped items, because I curse them out when I’m playing a toon that skins and they stop me from skinning by not looting. You can’t skin if the other player doesn’t loot.

If the game developers don’t want us just mindlessly throwing stuff away, maybe they should give us more gold directly and just cut out all the useless flavor trash. The game will be less fun that way but at least I won’t be expected to rummage through dozens of items while keeping (10k? 100k?) uncounted items and their uses in mind while doing the sorting.

Or do the reverse, sell white and blue items that seem like they should be good for something other than just vendoring, but you don’t know for sure unless you check Wowhead first. Oh, that’s just for an achievement. Okay. Like the coins in the Dalaran fountain. At least those were grey and could just be vendored without worry.

In Blizzard’s defense, these trash items are not in the current expansion of the game anyway. You would have had to keep them in your bank since classic to have had all of them and no one could or should have expected you to keep The Stoppable Force in your bank for 15 years. I know I’ve seen the Very Unlucky Rock before. That one is in Draenor. I know this because I frequently go to Wowhead to look up all kinds of useless crap. Crap like “where do I go to find the very unlucky rock that I threw away a dozen times?”

The really difficult vendor purchased pet to grind for in Keeper Ta’hult’s inventory will be the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm. 10k pet charms? I don’t have more than 2000 pet charms across all my toons on World of Warcraft; which probably shows how little interest I’ve had in pet battling in World of Warcraft since discovering Pokémon GO more than how hard they are to get.

Based on a wowhead draft comment. 300 characters too long.

Children’s Week

I attempted to continue the task I had set for myself earlier in the year. The task of leveling one of each class of character for World of Warcraft, and running them all through the different parts of the game. This event proved to me that I could not do everything with all my toons. Coming so close on the end of the Noblegarden event, I was simply not prepared to spend every single waking hour of every single day farming for the Children’s Week event.

This event really made me question what it was I was doing in the game in the first place. Here I am taking the orphans of the war between the Orcs and Humans out on to battlefields and into deadly danger, supposedly oblivious to the harm that befalls everyone who ventures onto a battlefield.

The disquiet this event caused me echoed the disbelief that I felt when I heard that Blizzard was creating World of Warcraft in the first place. The lesson taught in Warcraft III was that we had to cease the war between Orcs and Humans and join together to destroy the Undead, whose very existence threatened the continuation of life itself. World of Warcraft as a strictly PVP experience goes against that lesson since it is specifically two factions at war, one of which included the undead in their forces. It just didn’t make any sense to play World of Warcraft if I accepted the moral lesson behind Warcraft III.

Here I am though, making more orphans and then trying to console the orphans that I’m shepherding around the World of Warcraft. I understood why Blizzard put the event in the game, to bring this reality tickling back into the mind of the player and do it humorously; but as a survivor of violence as a child, the event does not work for me. I finished it on a few toons, but I doubt I will ever get this done on every toon.

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…and I never have. This is one of the world events that I just gave up on after getting it done for one or two toons. Once I had the toys and pets I pretended it wasn’t even part of the game. I was surprised that it showed up in game this week. As you can see, I’m writing and not playing the game at the moment.

Profit motive is the problem behind all entertainment ventures that go sideways. They go sideways as their makers try to continue to come up with ways to make money off of the fans of their existing work. Warcraft III remains the pinnacle of the Blizzard gaming empire, in my estimation. They came to the right conclusion, but that conclusion didn’t make them money beyond the end of that game and there is always the need to make one more game. They’ve got to keep making money, after all.

One more game and a finite number of fresh ideas held within any single human mind. There is bound to be repetition. More than 30 years of it, now.