Reset TPM? I’d Rather Not.

Ever since the Windows 10 update two weeks ago, the older desktop system here at the house has been whining at me to clear the TPM. When the error message first popped up I contacted my go to technical guru, The Wife, and she could not possibly have been more nonchalant about the problem.

Trusted Platform Module. Part of the windows security fun, fun, fun. Should not cause problems. Make a backup before you reset it and be ready for something to balk, possibly.

Make a backup? This is my backup! It is a recompilation (still incomplete) of several systems and OS’s dating back a decade and more, and I really am not ready to archive all this stuff yet. I should have been done with this months ago, but procrastination and family crisis have slowed progress, and I hate doing records maintenance. Consequently, I’m still only about halfway done and the system is almost old enough for me to need to replace it already.

This error was simply a bang (exclamation point over a hazard triangle) on the Microsoft Defender notification, not a bios level error that occurs repeatedly during bootup, and I haven’t tried doing a clean install on this system yet. I don’t do operating system installs without physical media being present. I’m a veteran of Windows and DOS since the 90’s and a Linux dabbler since 2000. You simply did not do operating system installs without the ability to finish the install with no internet connection. Back in the bad old days, that was a certain sign of imminent doom. Reformat and reinstall with physical media. Consequently, I’m still not interested in doing them now. I was shocked when Windows 10 successfully installed and then upgraded itself over the internet. I have been shocked every time it has worked since Windows 10 came out. A truly unprecedented occurrence in my entire history of computer usage.