I Want No Mercy For Those Forsworn

The children have got me playing Skyrim.  I know I’m years behind in this, that the game has been out for years.  But that is the way I play games.  I don’t generally follow trends or wait breathlessly for the new version of whatever is shiny to show up on my doorstep so I can play it.

If this was so I’d be playing World of Warcraft: Legion right now, and then be done with it in about a month.  That is what is new and shiny, and WoW is what I’ve been playing for the better part of 8 years on and off.

You can leave the sword behind the whispering door. You don’t have to pick it up. Keep it. Go back and check the door later, you’ll see.

Editor’s note. I might get back to playing that game again. I bought a version that I can play through Steam (yes, I gave up and joined Steam with my children. I blame the Firefly Online tease that never came to fruition) but it has now (2020) been several years since I had time to play games other than World of Warcraft (yes, I went back to that again) unless they were quick mobile games that I can fit into my progression raiding schedule. My creation of Classic WoW toons. I’ll get bored again eventually though. It always happens.