Redefining Rabid Libertarianism

The Libertarian Party candidate for president is skipping campaign appearances because she is being treated for a bat bite.

At first I was puzzled. I hadn’t heard that the LP had picked a candidate already. But then I remembered that I’m not plugged into the backroom talk among work-a-day libertarians anymore and so I wouldn’t have heard about the nominations of a party that isn’t Democrats or Republicans (the PoT) here in the US unless I was actively seeking that information out. I wasn’t, and so I didn’t.

A brief search of her campaign positions reveals a libertarian that isn’t ant-abortion. Now there is a rare bird, or was back in my days in the LP. I’m guessing most of the anti-abortion libertarians are now members of the Party of Trump, so she can get support from the majority of the remaining base without taking that stance.

The rest of her positions are typically libertarian. She still wants to end Social Security and Medicare, and doesn’t want to replace that with something even more sensible like a Freedom Dividend (less overhead, achieves the same purpose as Social Security) wants to reduce government to a tenth of its current size in pursuit of the anarchist dream of government non-intervention in the day to day life of the average human.

…and now she is treating potential rabies. Not looking good for the LP this year.

I vaguely remember her candidacy as Harry Browne’s 1996 running mate. Considering how much time I was spending in the architectural office at the time (60+ hours a week) I’m surprised I can remember anything at all from that period. We were all rabid libertarians back then, in the good ol’ days. We just weren’t potentially a viral threat to our fellow libertarians. Viral memes, maybe. Actual viruses, no.