Nukes for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told CBS last year that the kingdom would develop nuclear weapons if its rival Iran did. In addition, the kingdom has occasionally pushed back against agreeing to U.S. standards that would block two paths to potentially making fissile material for nuclear weapons clandestinely: enriching uranium and reprocessing spent fuel.

Concern in Congress about sharing nuclear technology and knowledge with Saudi Arabia rose after U.S.-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed last October in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. The Part 810 authorizations were made after November 2017, but it was not clear from the document whether any of them were made after Khashoggi’s killing.

Yes, we provide this service to every nation that kills our citizens in cold blood, not just the ones that give the president money.

Where the Giant Mushrooms Grow

I’ve been contemplating this subject ever since the Orange Hate-Monkey (OHM) challenged Kim Jong Un to a nuclear dick measuring contest by referring to him as Rocket Man. The OHM doesn’t understand the hell on Earth that he was invoking. He’s never read a book or taken interest in anything that doesn’t impact him directly. That is the depth of narcissism he lives in.

StoryCorps 529: Where the Giant Mushrooms Grow

Nuclear Murder/Suicide

NOW we are going to make yet ANOTHER generation grow up — if they get to grow up — wondering when some lunatic will decide to blow up the world for no goddamned reason other than to prove to some other lunatic who has the bigger dick.

Civilization isn’t supposed to be a murder/suicide pact.

Stonekettle Station

I heard the “murder/suicide pact” phrase from libertarians for years. They always applied it to paying taxes though, a leap in logic that I never fully grasped or agreed with (Money isn’t what they think. Oh, nevermind) when what you are talking about is Dr. Strangelove level insanity, the kind Trump and N. Korea are engaging in, the phrase is perfectly cromulent. It’s also the kind of truth that you’d rather never have to face in your lifetime. Twice now, for me. It’s time to de-weaponize nuclear science. Time to end the madness.


I spent most of my adult life in the military trying to prevent that — only to see up close just how utterly insane these people are. Grown men and woman, talking in normal tones about vaporizing entire cities, killing BILLIONS, ending civilization, like they were planing a surprise party.

Stonekettle Station