Is the FEC Ready for the November Election?

The FEC has to be fully staffed and prepared for contingencies when the Russians start trying to interfere in the elections this year. If Trump the Orange Hate-Monkey attempts to soft pedal this his impeachment should be accelerated so that he will be out of office before the election. He is a Russian stooge. We don’t need him mucking up the works and blaming others.

The West should be testing Russian facilities that actually matter for how hardened they are against cyber attack. We should be making sure you can’t even turn a light on in Moscow. After a few months of that, it won’t take an election to get rid of Putin.

Editor’s note. Countable comments posted to the blog. Where are the reports of foreign interference in the 2018 elections? Certainly not in my newsfeed. I’ll have to go looking, I guess. If I can ever catch up, I will.

NRA = Propaganda Mill

I had to check and see if this NRA advertisement was real. It felt fake watching it. It feels like fakery everytime I watch it.

NRA “Shoot All the Liberals” advertisement

And while some are outraged by the video, Jonathan Auerbach, who teaches English at the University of Maryland and is a co-author of “Weapons of Democracy: Propaganda, Progressivism and American Public Opinion,” called the video “pretty standard” for a group like NRA.

“(It’s a) routine example of propaganda designed to recruit new members by rousing indignation against a perceived enemy,” he told TPM in an email. “Not especially innovative or nuanced, but perhaps effective for a brief clip since (there’s) no need to address the substance of ‘the enemy’s accusations.” Most Sinister Propaganda

OK, it’s real, but it’s still fake. This is an example of some real Goebbels-level propaganda right here. Might as well be calling for the rounding up of all the Jews, since the media in question has Jews somewhere in it. If they were trying to convince anyone that the Orange Hate-Monkey wasn’t Hitler, this isn’t how you accomplish that. You might as well suggest we put yellow stars on all the undesirables so that we can tell the difference between them and good Americans, that is how blatantly obvious the dog whistles are in this ad. This is why the NRA has to be disbanded. This right here.

These people, these gun nuts, the ammosexuals, the militias, the sovereign citizens, they’re not building personal armories to repel foreign invaders. You never hear them talk about needing a gun in case the North Koreans or the Iranians or even the Russians decide to invade Idaho.


They’ve amassed all that firepower for one reason and one reason only.

Because they’re planning on killing US.

Stonekettle Station


Editor’s note, 2019. The talking head in the above propaganda piece, Dana Loesch, has been given the old heave-ho by the NRA along with its entire NRATV arm. Too little, too late. Jim had something to say about that too.