Rudy’s Crimes?

What are Rudy Giuliani’s past crimes? No seriously, this is an important question. In order for Trump’s behavior to be defensible, to be considered normal, then you must’ve experienced something in your past that reminds you of Trump’s behavior, and that behavior was accepted at the time.

So I really do want to know, what has Rudy done or seen that was accepted previously, behavior that makes Donald Trump’s outrageous actions in the office of the President seem normal to him?

…I’m pretty sure that what Rudy thinks he’s doing is defending New York in the form of one of it’s more prominent figures, defending his city from attacks originating from the rest of the country, but what he is actually doing is running intercept for someone that is looking more and more unhinged by the day.

The most telling thing that contradicts Rudy’s perception is the fact that the New York Times feels the need to point out the facts of Trump’s nefarious business dealings. I would love to see charges filed against Trump and all his children in state court in relation to the crimes they committed as private citizens. Should be interesting to watch when that happens.



I don’t know what Rudy Giuliani did that was criminal before 2020, but I do know he committed crimes in 2020:

That entire episode of The Rachell Maddow Show should be archived in the library of Congress. It is most likely going to be that important to history being the clearest breakdown of the plans that lead to the January 6th, 2021 insurrection that I’ve heard yet. I was speechless for several minutes after listening to the podcast.

Those charges in State courts are about to be filed, I hope. Fingers crossed.