Fake Geek

Tara Brown published an article on the Forbes website titled “Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away”.[15] In the article, she discussed the difference between geeky women as a social outcasts, and “pretentious females who have labeled themselves as a ‘geek girl’ [who have] figured out that guys will pay a lot of attention to them if they proclaim they are reading comics or playing video games.”[13]

Joe Peacock continued this criticism to discuss booth babes and female cosplayers in a July 2012 blog post for CNN titled “Booth babes need not apply”. In this article, he denounced women who pretend to be interested in geek culture to gain attention from men or to advance their modelling careers.[16] Comic artist Tony Harris wrote a Facebook post in November 2012, described by The Daily Dot as a “diatribe”, about female cosplayers who were not knowledgeable about the characters they were representing.


This whole fake geek girls thing has me wondering; why is this significant? People have always put on airs, men and women. People wear makeup, face coverings and glasses in order to assume a mask for the world. People pretend to hold beliefs in common with almost any other group, in order to associate with that group for mutual benefit.

Men cruising the church on Sunday morning looking for sex is a particularly common and disgusting practice. “Oh no, I’m really here for Jesus. Hitch your ass up a little bit so I can get better penetration.” Being hot for Christ has never been more literal. These people are fake christians because they’re just there for the sex. No one seems to mind as long as they stay out of sight and be quiet during their church-based trysts.

So why is it important to single out fake geek girls? Because you boys just want to exclude women from your sandbox? Personally I think there’s way to much penis in the sandbox right now. The more women the better.


As Patton Oswalt observes, the problem isn’t that the the girls are fake geeks, but that Nerdiness and Geekiness have lost their meaning, their ability to knit kinship among disparate outcasts from society:

Fast-forward to now: Boba Fett’s helmet emblazoned on sleeveless T-shirts worn by gym douches hefting dumbbells. The Glee kids performing the songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Toad the Wet Sprocket, a band that took its name from a Monty Python riff, joining the permanent soundtrack of a night out at Bennigan’s. Our below-the-topsoil passions have been rudely dug up and displayed in the noonday sun. The Lord of the Rings used to be ours and only ours simply because of the sheer goddamn thickness of the books. Twenty years later, the entire cast and crew would be trooping onstage at the Oscars to collect their statuettes, and replicas of the One Ring would be sold as bling.

wired.com/Patton Oswalt

Singling out the females is just a transparent attempt to cull what is perceived to be the weakest members of the now too-inclusive group. A word of caution to those who think they’ve picked easy targets. Some of these women know how to fight; and if you are a real geek, you probably don’t. Stick to the safety of Mom’s basement. You’ll live longer.

Featured image found on forbes.com/tarabrown