Greedy Bastards

CRBS, a condition created by an abnormality in the Medulla Selfishashella.

Dylan Ratigan Show


This entry is a tribute to the years I religiously watched Dylan Ratigan on his MSNBC show. His unforgettable meltdowns:

MSNBC – The Dylan Ratigan Show – Tuesday August 9th, 2011

People of the United States of America, your Congress is bought, your Congress is incapable of making legislation on healthcare, banking, trade, or taxes because if they do it, they will lose their political funding and they won’t do it.

Dylan Ratigan

His sharp wit. His unwillingness to allow liars to spin their yarns in his presence. I loved the guy. I wish he was still on the air somewhere. He’s off farming with U.S. veterans instead and making their lives better:

I kinda envy them. I still can’t find the episode with the medulla selfishashella line in it. There should be public archives of these old shows available for research purposes; but there aren’t as far as I can tell.

Greedy Bastards is the name of Dylan’s book. The title worked well with the quote I was anchoring this post on.