Gaming’s Potential Contribution to the World

People ask me all the time “Why do you spend so much time playing that game?” World of Warcraft is but the latest in a long line of game obsessions of mine. I’ve been working on a post that goes into the meaning that games have for me for quite awhile now (still working on that one in 2020. -ed.) That one and a religion one and a citizenship one and a disability one, etc. This is the first explanation of why games meant something more that entertainment to me that has ever rang true. It’s also an explanation of what gaming might be able to do for the world.

TEDTom Chatfield: 7 ways video games engage the brain – Nov 1, 2010

Editor’s note. That TED video was the first time I heard Dragon Kill Points described. Long before I found the viral video Onyxia Wipe Animation.

Alachas1985Onyxia Wipe Animation – Dec 8, 2007

Consequently I knew what -50 DKP meant without having to look it up.