It’s Classified

The media is all over Joe Biden for his lapses in returning classified documents to the National Archive. There are now at least two instances where he left classified documents in previous offices. The press is outraged, especially the conservative pundits who are outraged, OUTRAGED, that Biden’s Justice Department went after Donald Trump for his retention of classified documents while he, Joe Biden, is guilty of doing the exact same thing.

Here’s the difference between the Biden administration and the Trump administration when it comes to the subject of missing classified documents. The Biden team, in preparation of having their collective asses minutely examined by the Republican house that is set on conducting a witch hunt against them, did their due diligence and discovered that they hadn’t dotted all their eyes and crossed all their tees after all. So they said “we’re sorry” and they promptly returned the documents to the proper authorities. This is what happens when you have a mature adult in charge of government.

Donald Trump personally burned documents, ate them and tried to hide them in order to keep them from the proper authorities. He directed his flunkies in the White House to do the same and many of them followed his orders. They didn’t manage to destroy everything though, and several hundred documents ended up traveling to Mar-a-Lago with the petulant ex-president who refused to return all of them when their existence in his possession was revealed. Getting them back required several requests and finally a police raid, where the documents were found randomly mixed with other personal items of Donald Trump’s. This is what happens when you elect a child-man to the office of president.

Mike Pence: Classified Documents at Former Vice-President’s Home

We need to all admit that we have coffee mugs from work at home. That’s what is going on here. This is a presidential version of stealing coffee mugs. Trump just wouldn’t give his back when they caught him.