I’m Short a Couple of Bob

Gaelic Storm restores the mood of the day. Yeah it’s still a grim mood, but if you can’t laugh at your own problems like this song does, then you really need to seek some counseling:

Gaelic StormShort a Couple a’ Bob – Oct 4, 2018

I just checked the bank accounts. Not even going there. The teenager is frustrated. I’m not going there either. The range is on the fritz. Re-queue that song, quick. I better finish quickly while I can.




One of those rare times that I talked about music and the emotional effect it can have on me on the blog. Meniere’s took most of my love of music along with the bass parts of my hearing. Music has become largely soulless for me. It is a select few songs that speak to me now, if I haven’t heard them and learned to love them already. If you already know the work, your brain will play it back for you provided you can still hear anything. Luckily I still can hear some parts of the music.

…and it’s music from Marc Gunn’s Irish & Celtic music podcast too. I’m glad. He needs more listeners. I knew I’d been listening to that for a long, long time. I hadn’t realized how long until just now.

The Brobdingnagian Bards serenaded me on my birthday at an Armadillocon one year, I forget which one. I have followed them, Andrew McKee and Marc Gunn, ever since that time. Their music, and the music that Marc plays on his podcast, are about the only music I try to follow any longer.


The passion has gone out of it for me. I never did obsess about following trends like most people seem to do, and once I became detached from music what little I did catch that was trendy was lost. Now I’d rather hear Marc and Andrew sing Lily the Pink than I would try and understand what passes for music these days.