Beaming Into An Apartment Near You

I’d like to get this guy to do my house except that I’m already broke myself, just like he is now. That seems to be the problem with trekkies. So many toys, so little income.

…Unless you’re one of those trek inspired rocket scientists, that is. Then you should probably spring for the elite package. Spend it while you can.


There is a YouTube video of the apartment. It was featured in an episode of ITV’s May the Best House Win:

Tony AlleyneMay The Best House Win

He is still in business fifteen years after I ran across his apartment design during my rabid TV watching days. Clearly he is doing better than I am. I wonder how many clients have asked for the Next Generation treatment?

I’m pretty sure that I saw the apartment featured on Beyond Tomorrow the first time I saw it. That program and it’s episodes are almost impossible to find now. That is the show where I first ran across the Mythbusters.