Ideally There Would be no Idealists: Obama Style

Ideologues who abandoned Obama in 2010 because he wasn’t liberal enough is why we’ve enjoyed 6 years of a do-nothing Congress. If you want hope and change, you have to work for hope and change not just vote for it. That means not only staying with the party, but working to make the party something you are proud to be a part of.

As the 2016 elections heat up, Democrats look forward to winning in November. Voter debates during a primary season happen in every election and are expected—but after a nominee is chosen, we party-up, unify, and grow stronger.

On occasion, a left-wing voter proclaims he/she will not vote because their candidate did not win the nomination. That is the same as giving their vote to the lying, racist, misogynistic, homophobic and dangerous Republican nominee Donald Trump. 

At greater risk, not voting will allow Republicans to further obstruct a Democrats and a Democratic president as they have President Obama for years. Not voting will allow the GOP to appoint ultra-conservative justices to serve on the Supreme Court to pass extremist laws that last centuries. Republicans will tear apart the rights of women, LGBT, people of color, children, unions, educators … Through corporate greed and bribery, Republicans will  pollute our water ways and destroy more land just so that “the rich get richer and the poor to get poorer.” 

Too much is at stake in 2016 to sit the election out. Sign here to pledge now to “Vote Blue—No Matter Who.” via The Wayback Machine

Most people I spoke to back when I was actively canvassing for the Libertarian Party seemed to be fed up with the calcified political system and they just gave up trying to change anything. That is why you have outsiders winning in both parties right now, because people have gotten so desperate that they believe that only an outsider can be trusted to do the job the currently engaged majority wants done. The problem is, the voters will not stay and make sure the changes they were promised and voted for occur.

9/10’s of what Sanders proposes doing will require a friendly legislature, which will take time to build. The voters will not stick around long enough to see that the legislature changes along with the president.

9/10’s of what Trump promises isn’t within the power of the presidency, and possibly not event the entire United States government united to one purpose. People who want to vote for him scare me. Their complete ignorance of the structures and processes they are toying with boggles the imagination. It is just like handing a toddler a loaded weapon.