Authoritarianism vs. Humanism -Or- The Orange Hate-Monkey vs. A Village

What you’re reading now is a multiple-concept piece amalgamated from several other pieces, reworked and re-edited so many times I’ve lost count. The fact that several of my Facebook friends are now openly endorsing an unapologetic authoritarian, that I have severed my long-time association with the Liberty Dollar over their new commemorative coin, pushes me to complete this … Continue reading “Authoritarianism vs. Humanism -Or- The Orange Hate-Monkey vs. A Village”

ALD: DOJ Bombs Liberty Dollar

I have been posting most of Bernard’s Alerts on the blog. If you want all of them, they can be found here (Liberty Dollar News is here) This one is more time critical than most. Alert #20: July 1st, 2008 Unfortunately, out of the blue… the US government aka the DOJ lobbed a bomb (in … Continue reading “ALD: DOJ Bombs Liberty Dollar”

Clark Howard’s War on ALD

Someone has been “cuttin’ a rusty” (as the local colloquialism would go. “pitchin’ a fit” also works) over at the ALD forum under the subject heading “Customer No Service” and it just reminded me of the whole Clark Howard ‘thing’ I went through a few years back; “Customer No Service” being a trademark Clark Howard … Continue reading “Clark Howard’s War on ALD”