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May 3, 2008Guests: Eugenie Scott, director, National Center for Science Education: Exposing “Expelled”, & “Atheist in Foxhole” Litigant Jeremy Hall: Military Harassment Continues

Jeremy Hall leads off the episode. He has appeared on the show at least once before, but his story was first presented on Freethought Radio by Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, because Mr. Hall was unable to make his scheduled interview, being still in Iraq at the time. His story should serve as the proverbial canary in a coal mine for the rest of us.

Eugenie Scott has been on the show before as well. As the Director of NCSE, and one of the deceived participants in the film, she is almost uniquely qualified to critique the film Expelled.

How Annie Laurie Gaylor made herself sit and watch the film is beyond me. I have no interest in wasting 90 minutes of my time watching it. My thoughts on the film are here and here.

2007 Archive episode.
May 5, 2007Champion of the First Amendment

Theocracy Alert. National Day of Prayer (last week, this year, still just as offensive) Deja vu?

Ellery Schempp, through his and his families efforts, brought the case Abington vs. Schempp before the Supreme court and ended prayer in government schools. His story really is an inspiration for all of us out here facing similar (if not as egregious) violations of state/church separation.

I found his observations about O’Hair amusing, myself.

Dan Barker performs “Nothing Fails Like Prayer”

Pagan Pulpit. Prayer in public, a violation of god’s law?

If Atheism is a religion, then baldness is a hair color.

Don Hirschberg

2006 Archive episode.
May 6, 2006Fighting Words . . . Robin Morgan

Theocracy Alert. National Day of Prayer (last week, this year, still just as offensive) Dan Barker performs “Nothing Fails Like Prayer”

Freethinkers Almanac. Thomas Henry Huxley grandfather of Aldous Huxley (author of my favorite children’s book as a child The Crows of Pearblossom) George Clooney.

Pagan Pulpit Debuts. Nothing fails like Prayer (I think I see a pattern)

Robin Morgan was on to talk about her recent books The Burning Time, Fighting Words, and her long term concerns over the encroachment of religion on American government.

The episode winds up with “Atheists are People Too” (parody of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) and a discussion of the differences between growing up atheist and growing up religious (yes, Dan; sleeping in Sundays is something to be jealous about) and what effect that has on life as an adult.

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