Limbaugh Lies: Why did Kerry Lose?

Listening to Rush on Thursday (I needed my blood pressure elevated. Nothing is better at that than a few hours of ol’ Joey) he goes on for most of the show in a cheap imitation of the Wendy’s commercial (Where’s the beef?!) wanting to know why “…if so many people are unhappy with Bush and the war, then why didn’t Kerry win?”

Back during the election, I went on, for several months, concerning John Kerry and his love affair with W’s stance on just about everything. Went on about how I was hard pressed to tell the difference between the two…

Anthony Gregory’s piece Socialist Hawk vs. Warmongering Commie pretty much summed it up for me. I also engaged in a series of bumper sticker ideas at the time “Vote for John Kerry, the guy you can feel lukewarm about!” “Vote for John Kerry, the guy you haven’t learned to hate yet!*”(*current constituents excluded) and to be fair… “Vote for George Bush, John Kerry has shifty Ayes!” I didn’t win many friends in either camp with any of those. I thought they were pretty good, though.

…I had yellow dogs dropping out of the woodwork all over the place trying to tell me how wrong I was. And yet none of them could cite any significant difference between the stated positions of the major party candidates.

Kerry didn’t win because Kerry was never intended to win. What does that mean? The national Democrats threw themselves on a grenade for W’s war policy, and nominated a candidate that would not make the war a political issue, plain and simple. The leadership went out of their way to discredit Howard Dean (who was at least a Democrat) and threw the primaries to the only candidate sure to loose to the sitting president, John Kerry; thereby giving W another four years to clean up his war mess.

So to answer Mr. Limbaugh; if the war is so unpopular, why isn’t John Kerry president? Because John Kerry was not opposed to the war, as he stated on numerous occasions. No candidate who was covered by the mainstream media (I know, I kept track of news stories at the time) spoke out against the war, thereby making the Iraq war an issue outside of the political process for all intents and purposes. For Limbaugh to just forget this fact is absurd. This is just another example of ol’ Joey spinning the propaganda one more time.

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Author: RAnthony

I'm a freethinking, unapologetic liberal. I'm a former CAD guru with an architectural fetish. I'm a happily married father. I'm also a disabled Meniere's sufferer.

2 thoughts on “Limbaugh Lies: Why did Kerry Lose?”

  1. I think Kerry and Bush both reak of elitism but W can conceal his more with his Awshucks Ahm from Texas shtick.
    I never have believed Dems represent ordinary working folks and Kerry with his multiple mansions and ski chalet only confirmed that.
    I’d like to see a nonlawyer Democrat with a real nongovt job ascend to a leadership post. That will never happen as long as so many trial lawyers underwrite the party.

    I came here from the 590klbj site. You are right. Some 20 something RTF student from UT is far far far too zealous about the range of opinions or content expressed.

  2. Yeah. ‘W’ that great Texan from the Northern Provinces of Texas, Kennebunkport. He only got elected governor of Texas because he owned the Texas Rangers, and they were winning that year. He’d have been just another “also ran” otherwise.

    Goes to show you the importance of sports in Texas. Sad, really.

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